Buick Model 10

Buick Model 10

The Buick Model 10 is a classic car produced by Buick from 1908 to 1910. It was the first car built under the Buick name after General Motors acquired the company in 1908.

The Model 10 was designed as a medium-sized car that was both reliable and affordable. It was powered by a four-cylinder engine that produced 22 horsepower, which people considered quite powerful for its time. The car had a top speed of around 50 miles per hour and could comfortably seat five people.

One of the critical features of the Buick Model 10 was its innovative overhead valve engine design. This design was more efficient than the side-valve engines commonly used at the time and helped establish Buick as a leader in engine design.

The Model 10 was available in various body styles, including a touring car, a roadster, and a limousine. The car’s sleek and stylish design made it popular with drivers looking for a combination of performance and style.

Today, the Buick Model 10 is a rare and highly sought-after classic car. It is considered an essential part of Buick’s history, and enthusiasts worldwide appreciate what the car did for Buick. Despite its age, the Model 10 continues to impress with its unique design, innovative engine, and outstanding performance.

Model 10 Sold

This Buick Model 10 was previously owned by Charles Wood of Glens Falls, New York. Acquired by the Merrick Auto Museum in 1998, it has been the recipient of a nearly 1,200-hour restoration by Wilkinson & Sharp of Feasterville, Pennsylvania. Painted correct Buick Gray, an off-white shade, it is a three-passenger car with open rumble or “mother-in-law” seat. Upholstery is trimmed in black leather, and the car has a black canvas cape top. Lighting comprises Solar acetylene headlamps with carbide generator and Neverout oil side and taillamps. The car received an AACA National First award in 1969. More recently, the iconic Buick valve-in-head engine has been carefully detailed, and new 30 × 3–inch tires have been fitted.

The car was sold by Merrick Auto Museum at the RM Sotheby’s auction in 2019.