1911-1936 Pierce Arrow Reference Book




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Description: Pierce Arrow Trucks Buses, and Professional Cars, reference book produced by Herman Sass. This reference book, published in 1990 has Information, Data and copies of Newspaper Articles, Ads and Brochures pertaining to Pierce Arrow. This book was a 1989 self-published book made with a copy machine. The photos and reprints are not the quality you would expect today, but still very informative and useful.
Pages: 42
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Pierce Arrow Automobile: Professional Cars Reference Book

Pierce Arrow Automobile Book

The Pierce Arrow Automobile Company was known for producing some of the most luxurious and innovative cars of the early 20th century. However, the company also had a significant presence in the market for professional vehicles, including ambulances, hearses, and fire trucks.

The Merrick Auto Museum offers a comprehensive reference book that covers the history and specifications of Pierce Arrow’s professional vehicles from 1911 to 1936. This book is an invaluable resource for vintage car enthusiasts and historians interested in learning more about the history of these iconic vehicles.

Pierce Arrow’s Ambulances

One of the standout vehicles in Pierce Arrow’s professional line was its line of ambulances. These vehicles were designed to transport patients comfortably and safely, with features such as hydraulic shock absorbers and pneumatic tires. The reference book covers the specifications of each model, including the 1916 Model 66 ambulance and the 1929 Model 143 ambulance.

Pierce Arrow’s Hearses

Pierce Arrow also produced a range of hearses, which were used to transport the deceased to their final resting place. These vehicles were often ornately decorated, with features like stained glass windows and carved woodwork. The reference book covers the history and specifications of Pierce Arrow’s hearse line, including the 1923 Model 33 hearse and the 1930 Model B hearse.

Pierce Arrow’s Fire Trucks

Pierce Arrow’s line of fire trucks was known for their reliability and durability; many of these vehicles were used by fire departments around the country. The reference book covers the specifications of each model, including the 1917 Model X fire truck and the 1936 Model B fire truck.


The Pierce Arrow Automobile Company significantly impacted the market for professional vehicles in the early 20th century. The reference book the Merrick Auto Museum offers is a comprehensive guide to the history and specifications of these iconic vehicles. It is a must-have for anyone interested in vintage cars or transportation history.