Ford In The Thirties





Ford In The Thirties

DESCRIPTION: black and white book, softcover
“The most popular enthusiast’s and collector’s cars in the world today are the Model A and early Ford V-8. Prices for some Fords have reached astronomical levels, far above contemporary luxury and classic makes. But this popularity is not simply a question of the sheer weight of sales because between 1930 and 1940 Ford was outsold by Chevrolet in all but two years. The Ford mystique derives from the remarkable individuality of the Ford in the Thirties, a car that was quite unlike all its competitors. The paradox that this book attempts to describe is that the very qualities of the Ford car that make it so beloved today are the same that brought about the gradual commercial decline of-the company in the Thirties”
PUBLISHER: Petersen Publishing Company
PAGES: 145
SIZE APPROX: 8 1/4″ x 11″
CONDITION: Worn edges and spine, creased corners, page coming loos, vintage tape repair (see pictures)

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